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Annihilation: First Reviews

The embargo is over, and finally we have the first Annihilation reviews, and they are mostly great!

Variety: Alex Garland follows up ‘Ex Machina’ with a visually stunning, imagination-tickling sci-fi thriller in which Natalie Portman investigates an extra-terrestrial threat

The Hollywood Reporter: “Scary and beautiful”

IndieWire: Annihilation’ Review: Natalie Portman Stars in a Stunning Sci-Fi Thriller From the Director of ‘Ex Machina’

The Guardian: Natalie Portman thriller leaves a haunting impression

USA Today: ‘Annihilation’ shines as an ambitious, if freaky, sci-fi treat

The Daily Beast: ‘Annihilation’ Is Mind-Blowing, and the Best Sci-Fi Film in Years

The Wrap: Natalie Portman Anchors Woolly, Weird Sci-Fi Saga

Cinema Blend: Annihilation is perfect proof that that Alex Garland is the real deal as a director and visionary — not only creating a world that you will fall right into, but one that’s so fascinating that you’ll want to investigate it over and over

Screen Daily: Alex Garland and Natalie Portman unite to deliver thrilling sci-fi, in a film which will screen on Netflix outside the US

The Playlist: Alex Garland Creates A Spellbinding Sci-Fi Masterpiece