Before I get to a couple new mini updates, just a quick word on the next np.comic. The latest fan strip was supposed to be ready on the weekend but Matt had a few things come up. However, the strip should be ready by tomorrow.

Right then, onto those bits.

– In this article, about a virtual model that you can dress up in order to decide if you like an outfit or not, is a random Natalie sighting.

LA in the summer is really fun people watching at big farmers markets & flea markets. (I ran into Natalie Portman at the Rose Bowl last month!)

– This Bleacher Report uses Natalie and Megan Fox as part of a put down.

Officially, Saunders is sitting out the next two weeks to nurse a stiff left shoulder. The idea is that he will work through the knot in his shoulder and be rested in time to help the Halos survive the stretch run.

Right. And yesterday I turned down Natalie Portman because I had a date with Megan Fox.