Genesis Prize Ceremony Cancelled

By April 19, 2018Nat-news, News

According to Jewish Telegraphy Agency, the Genesis Prize Foundation announced this Thursday that they were canceling its prize ceremony in Israel in June after 2018 recipient Natalie Portman said she would not take part in light of “recent events”.

The foundation said that Natalie’s representative notified it that “recent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she does not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel” and that “she cannot in good conscience move forward with the ceremony.”

The Genesis Prize Foundation said in a statement that it was “very saddened” that the Israeli-American actress would not take part in the ceremony, and that they “fear that Ms. Portman’s decision will cause our philanthropic initiative to be politicized, something we have worked hard for the past five years to avoid.”


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  • Jay Farklas says:

    Is this the same Natalie Portman that just a mere 4 years ago supported Operation Human Warmth, an ISRAELI organization doing humanitarian work for the suffering in Syria. All of a sudden this same Israel makes her uncomfortable?

    True there is a big gap needed to bring peace and quite to the region and yes Israel has a responsibility, but, and unfortunately buts will always appear the Arab partners for peace have as much and in many cases especially considering their terrorist activities, more responsibility.

    Natalie I would ask yourself to name a few peace activist within Palestinian communities openly calling for, promoting and demonstrating for peace. And yes calling for coexistence of their potential homeland next to the State of Israel. I don’t any. Any true peace activist on the Palestinian side are ostracized, arrested or outlawed by their leaders.

    All you will find are anti Israel movement which by the way are supported by numerous Israel organizations.

    The list of Israeli organization and personalities championing for better Palestinian rights, independence etc is long.
    David Grossman , a famous Israel author joined Israeli and Palestinian bereaved families at Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park at a joint Memorial Day ceremony just three days ago. Ofcourse this annoyed many, but Grossman received and took with honor just 2 days later the highest merit for an Israel from the same Israel that make you so uncomfortable.
    Never heard of similar on the Arab side.

    So Natalie before being ashamed of your roots try being a little more objective, balanced and using your position to try and close the gap instead of widening it.

    Beware of the BLACK SWAN, try instigating a peaceful GENESIS for the region. It’s never too late to make a change of heart and mind.

  • Avraham nudelman says:

    Sorry to hear took the wrong side.there will come a day when you will be less busy and have more time to think about it.maybe then you will understand.

  • Saher AlSous says:

    Dear Natalie,
    Thank you for Palestine, for taking a stand with the basic human rights that Palestinians can’t find today because of the Israeli occupation.
    I hope that one day we can see you here in Palestine (Bethlehem), you are welcome.

  • Marshall says:

    Thank you so much Natalie Portman for standing to apartheid israel and as a Palestinian refugee living in the U.S and on behalf of all Palestinians, THANK YOU!!! Your soul is beautiful and peaceful!! Respect!!


  • Carole says:

    DISGUSTING! As an Israeli, she is always an ambassador of Israel. She is a prominent figure with a huge influence. The fact she chose to bring her own politics into an arena that holds no political agenda shows her lack of intelligence in how she uses her power and influence. She’s disgraceful and should have the prize recinded and awarded to someone far more deserving and appreciative.

  • Marcel Katz says:

    What exactly doesn’t she like in the “latest events” in Israel that she cancelled her participation in the Genesis Prize? All the anti-Semites are celebrating her decision in the media, and continue to spread lies and dehumanize the only Jewish country in the world. Is it the cynically staged Palywood “demonstrations” on the Gaza border, where terrorists hide behind women and children to throw molotovs and shoot at our people, or because of the tens of tunnels they are digging under the internationally recognized border to attack our kibbutzm and kill and kidnap our citizens? Shame on her.

  • Wanda Allison says:

    You know how Hamas and other terrorist wish to destroy Israel. I can’t believe you’d abandon your support of Israel. While you may be a celebrated actress, it saddens me to know that you could do such to your home country that faces so many adversaries each and every day.

  • Adam M. Sternglass says:

    Thanks for helping Tehran, Damascus and ISIS. They encourage Palestinians to get killed in Israel.

  • Andrea Alexander says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope Natalie Portman will check into the “demonstrations” herself and see what is really being done on both sides; she will in all likelihood find that Israel is, once again, being painted as the bad guy when all they are trying to do is prevent an escalation of violence and further loss of life. That said, Ms. Portman is clearly a person who has strong Jewish values — such as acting as her conscience dictates. I hate how the media is portraying this and how those who would welcome a genocide in Israel are gleeful at her actions.

  • Allon Daniel says:

    You spit in the face of those who were your people! A person who forgets where he came from will never get anywhere. You insulted us and harmed us on the 70th Independence Day of the State of Israel. The only thing you have achieved is a national consensus without any connection to political affiliation. (I’m certainly not one of Bibi’s supporters). But you hurt all the Israelis. Do us a big favor and give up your Israeli citizenship you are not deserve it .Do not come to Israel anymore you are not welcome here – we will not accept you in a hug’s . You are not part of us anymore. I hope that the American Jewish community will also drive you out of it. Shame on you and shame on us that you born here and been part of us !

  • L. Salter says:

    From Natalie Portman’s history and interviews, I have no doubt she loves Israel and wants the best for it. Now I am a fan of her integrity and intelligence, as well as acting. I am proudly Jewish and supported and support the concept of a Jewish homeland, but not every policy of Likud and the settler movement. Kudos.

  • R.Mughrabi says:

    Thank you for standing up and speaking up for what is right. It even mean more from a person of your caliber and background. Thank you #NataliePortman

  • Dr. Talia Mark says:

    Shame on you Natalie Portman

  • Wynne Elizabeth Trinca says:

    My sadness that you have decided to become complicit in the rise of antisemitism. By refusing to accept this Genesis award, you have given a hand up to the haters. Perhaps a private meeting with Mr. Netanyu would have been more prudent. I am a Jew as well but I am 61yrs old and understand how hate works. You need a history lesson. Your fame will never protect you and that is a lesson that you need to learn. Israel helps keep all of us safe and by doing what you have done, you make us less safe.

  • Simona Giunta says:

    Thank you for standing up in the face of violence and injustice. Money and awards are important, but you showed the world human life is more important.

  • Thank you Ms Portman for declining the Israeli Genesis award on conscientious grounds. I am Catholic, and started a peace ministry in my faith community 18 years ago. I have been to Israel/Palestine 16 times over the last 15 years and have come to know many who know the true situation there on both sides, and are working relentlessly for peace, against all odds. I have brought people there to see for themselves, it is quite obvious when you see the settlements. Americans simply do not know what is happening there, but apparently you do. My wife Joy and I were very heartened by your action. Make no mistake, it is heard by many.

  • JM Vargas says:

    It is very comforting to see people who put their moral principles first. Please, never change.

  • Patrick Cosgrove says:

    I want to commend Natalie for the courageous stand she has taken by declining to attend the Genesis Prize ceremony. She will suffer the harsh and unrelenting assault on her integrity by pro-Israeli zealots who tolerate no views that do not toe the official line. But rest assured, she will gain the support of millions of people like me, who demand an end to the brutal oppression of the Palestinian people. with much love and respect, Patrick, Austin, Texas

  • Maya Elashi says:

    Kol haKovad, Natalie! It’s definitely the Jewish Thing to do.

  • Martin says:

    Thank you for standing up to the violence in Gaza.

  • David says:

    Whoa. Biggie.

  • weingrod says:

    Dear Natalie Portman,

    I hope that this email reaches you. I want to salute you for choosing not to take part in an Israeli political ceremony organized by the present Israeli Prime Minister and his government. My wife and myself are Israelis living in Jerusalem, and we have been actively opposed to the present government’s policies. It takes guts to make the statement that you just issued– and please do not take much notice of the false political noise made by Netanyahu’s supporters. There are a great many Israelis like yourself who strongly oppose government acts. One of these days we will win!

    With best wishes,

    Bracha and Alex Weingrod

  • Ciao, brava Natalie…
    l’Arte ha la forza di poter migliorare questo nostro pianeta Terra deteriorato dall’odio degli Uomini;
    non mollare. Il potere delle guerre distrugge l’umanità che c’è in noi. Il Mondo sarà salvato anche dall’Arte e dalle Donne….
    Il pianeta Terra ha bisogno di un nuovo Amore, magari Vegano. Non farti annichilire. Ciao, Sandro dalla morente Italia.