Intense Days…

By April 22, 2018Nat-news, News

There is no doubt that Natalie’s decision not to attend the Genesis Prize ceremony has generated an unprecedented stir and debate in the Jewish community, inside and outside of Israel. Of all the (most angry) opinion pieces and statements written these last two days, I think this one, signed by Elad Nehorai, perfectly describes Natalie’s intentions about her decision. It’s worth reading:

Forward: Natalie Portman Just Taught Us How To Criticize Israel With Love

Hopefully things returned to normal soon…

P.S.: (I don’t think it’s necessary, but just in case), we remind, for all those who write comments addressed to her, that this is a fansite, without any contact with Natalie.


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  • assaf lev-ram says:

    Dear Natalie !
    Very sad days here in Israel are these days when we came to a point where one can not speak his mind in the open. Brutal and violent groups sided by the most corrupt government ever tries throw away values like freedom of speech, liberty and equality but we shall overcome. There is a fight in the happening between those people who remember so vividly the real reason and cause for establishment of the the state of Israel and will fight to keep Israel a democratic, liberal ‘ peace seeking country.
    I myself and so many other people are proud of you and the way you made your voice heard. I’m so happy to stand side by side with people like yourself who really cares for the future of the state of Israel. Eventually we will win this battle because our cause is just, pure and right.
    Assaf Lev-Ram
    concerned Israeli