Saturday Screenings in NYC

By December 15, 2018Nat-news, News

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  • David says:

    I saw Vox Lux tonight and it was good, but it seemed like fragile filmmaking to me. Many of the early shots were uninspired and the flow didn’t pick up from there. Jude Law was good and Jennifer Ehle is a very beautiful and elegant actress, I loved her in that Emily Dickinson film, and I liked her character but Stacy Martin had little to work with toward the end. The twenty minute show that ended the movie, again, not so much… Still gotta be impressed on some awful level. I’m so impressed with the promotion Natalie did with Brady Corbet. She really is the consummate professional. Overall the film is the opposite of Garden State, sorry to say. I’m very much interested in Natalie’s next two projects, the Astronaut and Dear Abbey and Ann Landers. I’ve been going over in my mind her directorial debut and I’m more and more impressed with it, particularly the love tragic fantasy part. I think she’s got some great opportunity with this next effort at directing.