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It´s a time of relative calm in Natland these last days, but it doesn’t mean we don ́t have a few Tidbits…

-First of all, the most curious tidbit we had in recent years. Natalie has inspired an off-Broadway play called All the Natalie Portmans. This new coming-of-age comedy by playwright C.A. Johnson about a young, queer black woman who becomes inspired by Natalie Portman oeuvre, begins performances at MCC Theater on February 6:

-Speaking of plays, we have a HD photo of Natalie taken by Joan Marcus for “The Diary of Anne Frank” in 1997. We had several photos of the play in the image gallery, but none in this quality:

-Finally, we have a gorgeous fan art made by Licie Laine, in which we can see Natalie and Tom Hiddleston as the King and the Queen of Asgard. Hopefully Natalie looks so spectacular in the next installment in the franchise, which will begin shooting next August: