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Natalie Portman interviews Colin Jost

Natalie has sporadically worked as an interviewer for various magazines over the past few years. This is one of those cases….

Interview Magazine has a relaxed chat between Natalie Portman and Colin Jost, the head writer on Saturday Night Live.

PORTMAN: We’re in California. Just trying to stay solo, which is hard on kids. It’s a weird new world, huh?

JOST: For kids, on a social level, to lose those interactions for a long period is weird.

PORTMAN: It’s really crazy. There’s a lot of stuff that’s coming out that says that they should just open all the kids’ stuff back up, because it doesn’t seem very dangerous for kids and it’s really intense to be taken away from all that social interaction. But anyway, we’re here to talk about the book.

This is the link to the full interview.