Behind The Curtain

The Sony leak, mentioned yesterday, has if nothing else been incredibly entertaining. The new piece of gossip stems from the film Natalie has just passed on, Jobs. There is a fascinating Defamer piece on the email exchanges between studio head Amy Pascal, producer Scott Rudin, as well as David Fincher among others. What’s interesting is that Sony didn’t let the project go, Rudin decided Sony wasn’t a good fit for the film and took it to Universal.

So far so not much to do with Natalie. However, in this new article more emails are divulged, including Aaron Sorkin (the writer of the script) wanting Tom Cruise for the lead (would have been a great idea, imo) and Amy Pascal dropping a Natalie mention.

Meanwhile, the lobbying continued for other roles. CAA’s Dakhill e-mailed Pascal, “Natalie Portman should be Joanna Hoffman in Jobs!” Pascal forwarded the message to Scott Rudin, saying, “I get about three of these a day.”

Quite tame compared to the rest of the leaks, but shows that it was and probably still is a much sought after role.