If you are still crushed by the Jobs news, perhaps these tidbits will lift the mood ever so slightly.

– Let’s begin with a bizarre piece of information that has leaked from the huge data hack of Sony Pictures. As you probably know, celebrities use fake names when filming so that they have some anonymity when checking into hotels and the like. Well, several of these fake names are now out there and included is Natalie’s fake name…Lauren Brown. Presumably Natalie is drawing new names out of a hat as we speak.

– Star Wars fever is growing and Badass Digest takes a cue from the new teaser to look back at the teaser trailers for all of the films in the series.

– Staying in a galaxy far far away, Buzzfeed has a list of the most stylish Star Wars characters. Natalie’s Amidala ends up very high on the list. How high? Take a look and see.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Desert Sapper.