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Medium Writers Challenge

It was a long time since we saw Natalie associated with cultural initiatives… .. until today. Natalie will be one of the judges of Medium Writers Challenge.

The challenge, which will take place over the course of four weeks, is a chance for you to share your best ideas with an esteemed panel of judges and millions of Medium readers — plus, an opportunity to win $50,000.

A panel of cultural leaders, editors, and writers will join as guest judges to select their favorites. Those judges include Natalie, Roxane Gay, Saeed Jones, Imani Perry, Eve L. Ewing, Susan Orlean,Robert Kolker, kelly corrigan, Dao-Yi Chow, Bonsu Thompson,Julio Vincent Gambuto, Jude Ellison S. Doyle, Kurt Andersen,David Dennis, Jr., and others.

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