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What If…? Episode 7 First Look

It seems we can finally hear Natalie reprising the character of Jane Foster in tomorrow’s episode of “What If…?”. Entertainment Weekly has a first look at the seventh episode of the Disney + series, titled  “What If … Thor Was an Only Child?” Rotten Tomatoes also has an exclusive clip…

Head writer AC Bradley tells EW this episode is “fun and silly” — no world-ending events or murdered Avengers in sight. “I love the Thor-Jane relationship and we wanted to play around with that part of the love story without the framework of tragedy,” Bradley says. “The story took root from a love of ’80s and ’90s rom-coms and party films. After so many serious episodes, what’s the most fun we could possibly have? And the answer to that is: Let Thor throw a party.”

The episode’s “What If…?” question explores how Thor (voiced by Chris Hemsworth) would be different if he was never raised with Loki as his brother.

Andrews explains that this comedic and light version of Thor is extremely different from what fans have seen in Thor: Ragnarok and even post-Blip in Avengers: Endgame. “We get to reinvent him because his entire life from the beginning to this point is totally different so we got to create a brand new version of Thor, truly,” he says. “We push that comedy. It does take place in the timeframe roughly of what we think of as Thor so there are some other characters that we do get to see from that movie — Jane Foster makes an appearance as well as Darcy and Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings did such a fantastic job.”

This seventh episode premieres tomorrow Wednesday on Disney +