Some odds. Some ends. You know the drill.

– First up some great news for Natalie’s directorial debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness. The film has distribution, will be opening later this year and is aiming for an Oscar foreign language submission…although that may be a bit optimistic. Read about it at THR.

– In other upcoming Natalie film news, the second Terrence Malick film is now finally titled Weightless – assuming the producers are correct. Originally called Lawless, it feels like it has had an identity crisis for years. Now can we see a damn trailer already? Knight of Cups has rocked my Malick fandom quite a bit but I’m still quite hyped about everything we know about his Austin set film.

– Speaking of Knight of Cups, the film had a very strong per screen average in its opening weekend but I’m not sure how far it is going to be able to expand.