Is Natalie In Tokyo?

By June 24, 2013Nat-news

Didn’t expect that. Kitten, who is almost a staff member at this point, found an instagram taken today of what someone claims is Natalie in a toy store (Star Wars section) in Tokyo. Apparently Ben and Aleph were also there. What do you guys think?


Backing that up is a tweet from what appears to have been her pilot…


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  • AMSSERME says:

    OK.Thats Natalie alright,but the toys she is looking at are not Star Wars toys but Marvel-IronMan toys to be precise.And the person standing in front of her is not Benjamin nor does he looks like a Japanese.I am not saying she is not in Japan but the photo doesn’t look like a Japanese store.That is my opinion.

  • LH458 says:

    the hair color ist so different compared with the candids a day before. Also the Curls.

    I’m not sure. Could be fake imo…

  • LH458 says:

    btw: to be a pilot is one of the most using fakejob in the internet….

  • natluver says:

    Shes in Kiddy Land in Tokyo. That’s her hair and how she wears it, shes short next to the other guy.

  • mr.portman says:

    We Will see

  • jesslv74 says:

    That’s definitely not Benjamin and she’s standing next to a table of Marvel toys, but perhaps the toys she’s facing are Star Wars ones? About the hair…in terms of color, the lighting in the store could make a difference in how light or dark her hair looks, and she does have naturally curly hair, but I’m not totally convinced that it’s her. As for the Tweeter, he has no profile description, only 3 tweets, is following 7 people (one Natalie Portman fan account…not this one, two Kate Middleton accounts, and the rest are misc companies, like GoPro cameras), and only has 1 follower, My Adventure Camping.

  • Kitten says:

    She is in Tokyo for Dior Rouge Press Conference

  • achtung_natalie says:

    thats so cool , imagine being in Tokyo just derping around and all of a sudden you see NATALIE!

  • Marie says:

    Yes, I saw her and her husband today in Tsukiji Fish market. Unfortunately I was in a long line at a sushi restaurant and when I realized it was her she was around the corner.