Jackie Clips

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  Jackie will be released in different European countries between January and February. As a result, more advertising material is emerging. Here we have a couple of new video clips…

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Morning Hike

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  Natalie has not changed her routine today and the day that the Academy Award nominations have been announced, she has given her classic morning hike with a friend through…

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FAZ Interview

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung interviewed Natalie on the occasion of Jackie’s upcoming release in Germany. This was done during the press junket at the Peninsula Hotel a couple of months ago (just after the American presidential elections), so the questions about Pablo Larrain’s film are complemented with those related to Natalie’s support for the Clinton campaign in November. Here are some interesting quotes, translated from German. Thanks to our friendly German fans, and Arvid in particular:

About her language skills:

Mrs. Portman, in Wikipedia we can read that you speak German…

Unfortunately, this is not true. I can only use a few words, so probably most people.

But is it true that you speak French and Hebrew?

Yes, my French is also very flawed. At home we speak English.


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