Gallery Updates

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  I found one of the Dior pics from the scans we got a few weeks ago, and added it to the gallery. Let's hope we get some more from…

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Marie Claire Interview

  • Post author: has Natalie's interview and a Behind The Scenes & Q & A video up. The video is quite cute with Natalie answering things like, how she made her…

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Marie Claire US Photoshoot

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  Natalie is gracing another magazine cover, this time it is Marie Claire US November issue. Editorial is entitled, “Natalie’s Next Moves” and is shot by Tesh and styled by…

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Natalie and Family In Israel

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  We finally have new candids, these are new pictures of Natalie and family in Israel sometime this month, some really cute pics there. Just so you are aware, Aleph…

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O’ Dowd Date

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Another new still from Thor 2 The Dark World has emerged, From The London Evening Standard.

This time it shows Natalie’s character Jane Foster on a date with Chris O Dowd’s character Richard.


Wonder what Thor will make of this 😉

EDIT 2 more pics has surfaced check one with just Natalie. Check them out below, Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Even More Thor

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  This tweet promises more Thor goodies, did anyone see this on ET Canada last night? Tonight an inside look at the new Thor with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman—…

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Natural Woman

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Over the weekend I found a video for a previously unseen photo-shoot for Rouge Dior Nude Grège.
The end of the video shows 2 shots from the shoot, which have been added to the gallery.
There are 2 versions of both, cropped versions and full versions.

Many Thanks to moon-light-world and Eden Liao for the finds.


Check out the video below..


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New Neshat

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  I found this tweet a few days ago. Which had this lovely atmospheric Polaroid, a Behind The Scenes shot from Illusions and Mirrors. Hope we get to see a…

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