Don’t let them know….it’s a secret

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that's right, ladies and gentlemen. the chef of Cold Mountain has something to share with us all. an interview with the chef that worked on cold mountain and he says....…

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Local 142

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STRIKE. Because JC is most likely dead i have to update more than twice a month. and once again my suicide attempt is put on hold because DAZZA wants a…

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Justin Timberlake

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well guys. do i have news for you! well barely. the MTV music awards were on a couple of days ago and no one really noticed. BUT. some people pretend…

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New News for youse.

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time to put things in perspective. the "nude scene" in cold mountain seems like it's gotten out of hand. i've read the script and if there are any concerns that…

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check out this all NEW all fancy schmancy and it's all for this cutie right here. that's right. it's a NEW (old) PIC! and NEW is the word of…

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TheForce.Net has posted what may be the best article i've ever read. it's about two crazy guys who do crazy things. i suggest you read the WHOLE THING! but here's…

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