Natalie to Present at the Golden Globes

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According to InStyle, Natalie will be one of the presenters at the 2018 Golden Globes ceremony, which will be held next Sunday. As we all remember, Natalie was nominated for best actress in drama for “Jackie” last year:

We will be looking forward to the first public appearance of Natalie in 2018.

Annihilation Poster

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Finally here we have a poster for Annihilation, in which Natalie gets all the credit. Enjoy:

New Diorskin Forever Campaign

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Dior has launched a new campaign for Diorskin Forever Undercover a few days ago, and here we have a couple of new photos and a great ad from their official website:

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A Day on the Beach

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Natalie and her family are about to end their vacations in Brazil, but the local press is not missing the opportunity to photograph their passage through this beautiful country. Quem magazine has a couple of illustrated articles; in the first one we can see Natalie, Benjamin, Aleph and Amalia on the beach of Ipanema, and in the second one Natalie enjoying the samba in Copacabana, and watching the fireworks in Rio during the end of the year. It should be noted that in both cases the faces of the children are clearly visible.

Click on the images to see them:

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Natalie joins Instagram

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Natalie has finally joined Instagram (in an official capacity) and is currently using it to promote Times Up Now – an organization helping to bring about equality in the workplace.

What are you waiting for? Go follow Natalie at @nportmanofficial.

New Year in Rio

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Natalie & family continue their holidays in Rio de Janeiro, and yesterday we were able to see some Instagram photos of their stay in the wonderful Brazilian city, taking advantage of the last hours of the year. In this picture we can see Natalie and Amalia in the beach (baby’s face is visible), and here we have another, enjoying the New Year’s carnival (thanks to Best of Portman for the find):

I'm loving to see how she's having fun here in brazil ? #natalieportman #portmania

A post shared by Natalie Portman (@bestofportman) on

Happy New Year to all…

Holidays in Brazil

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Natalie & family are enjoying a vacation in Brazil these days. Daily Mail has a couple of photos of their visit to the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro in Wednesday:


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What better to make bearable this Christmas holiday than a few tidbits:

-Natalie and her family are still on vacation in Brazil these days. On Christmas Day she was seen with Aleph and Amalia visiting the statue of “Cristo Redentor”, in Rio de Janeiro.

-Pascal Perich has shared another unused picture of Natalie for a photoshoot taken in 2009 for Financial Times, and it´s gorgeous:

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Natalie Spends Xmas in Brazil

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Thanks to @giorgiajrm we have an answer to the question – how did Natalie spend Christmas? It turns out, at a Christmas party in Rio de Janiero!

Natalie Portman in Brazil

Natalie Portman in Brazil

Annihilation Tidbits

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This time of year is traditionally a bit quiet in Natalieland, but with Annihilation just a couple months away we keep getting a drip-drip of content. In the New Year that will probably change to a flood.

Until there, here are some Annihilation-related bits of news.

– Gina Rodriguez answers a quickfire 73 questions and one of them is about what to expect from the film.

– Speaking of opinions, in case you missed it from earlier in the year, the author Jeff Vandermeer is very excited about the adaptation of his novel. He’s calling the film “mind-blowing” and “extremely horrific.”

– And finally, a list of 24 films to see in 2018 that, obviously, includes Annihilation.

Doubling the Prize

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The Genesis Prize Foundation announced today that Israeli philanthropist Morris Kahn has made a $1 million gift to the foundation in honor of 2018 Laureate Natalie Portman. This gift doubles the Genesis Prize Award Fund to $2 million:

In the press release, Natalie expresses her gratitude for this initiative:

“I would like to express my gratitude and admiration to Morris Kahn for his incredible support of the 2018 Genesis Prize theme,” said Portman. “Morris’ generosity once again reinforces how relevant and important the issue of women’s equality is today – in Israel, in the US and beyond.”

This award funds would be granted to programs focusing on advancing women’s equality in all aspects of human endeavor.

Annihilation Trailer #2: Screen Captures

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Only one still has been officially released from Annihilation so far, but the new trailer has allowed us to see new moments of the film starring Natalie. To make the wait more bearable until the premiere of the Alex Garland´s movie in two months, here are a few HD screenshots of the trailer. Enjoy:

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Morning Hike

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And a small ration of candids today. Natalie, Amalia and a friend were seen hiking in Los Feliz this Wednesday:

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Vox Lux, with Natalie … or not anymore?

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A month ago, we learned that Natalie was preparing for a new film, in which she would play a “messed up pop star”. It was rumored at the time that this movie could be “Vox Lux” by Brandy Corbet. Well, Finally we have a confirmation that she was attached to this project … until now. Variety reports that Bold Films, producer company of the film, is in a delicate economic situation, and the shooting of the film will be delayed, compromising the participation of Natalie:

Sources also say that production on Brady Corbet’s “Vox Lux” has been delayed. Natalie Portman had been attached to star in the drama about the life of a pop star, but her involvement is now in question. It’s unclear if her schedule will be free when shooting on the film begins.

We hope to know something more in the near future…

Natalie & Gina

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Directly from Gina Rodriguez´s instagram, a great behind the scenes photo:

#ANIHILATION trailer is out now. From the insane brilliance of Alex Garland (director of Ex-Machina) and lead by the incredible Natalie Portman. (Oh and me) #Feb2018

A post shared by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on

More Details About Annihilation

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The release of the second Annihilation trailer has been accompanied by some articles that give us more details on the story, the characters and the filming of the movie. Here are some of them:

Coming Soon has an interesting story about a visit to the set during the filming of the movie in the UK (with “The Last Jedi” shooting side by side at the Pinewood studios).

Collider has a couple of articles about the film: the first focuses on the movie itself, and the second is an interesting and revealing interview with Alex Garland, in which he makes clear his opinion that Netflix is ​​going to distribute the film internationally:

Recently it was announced Annihilation would be released on Netflix internationally. What was your reaction to that?

GARLAND: Disappointment really. We made the film for cinema. I’ve got no problem with the small screen at all. The best genre piece I’ve seen in a long time was The Handmaid’s Tale, so I think there’s incredible potential within that context, but if you’re doing that – you make it for that [medium] and you think of it in those terms. Look… it is what it is. The film is getting a theatrical release in the States, which I’m really pleased about. One of the big pluses of Netflix is that it goes out to a lot of people and you don’t have that strange opening weekend thing where you’re wondering if anyone is going to turn up and then if they don’t, it vanishes from cinema screens in two weeks. So it’s got pluses and minuses, but from my point of view and the collective of the people who made it – [it was made] to be seen on a big screen.

Annihilation: Trailer 2

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The new Annihilation trailer is here, and it is visually stunning.


New Trailer Soon

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Finally there is a date for the release of the new Annihilation trailer. Within a couple of days, on Wednesday:

Nothing can prepare you for #WhatsInside. New #Annihilation trailer Wednesday 12.13.17.

A post shared by Annihilation (@annihilationmovie) on

According to Alberta rated trailers site, trailer runtime will be 2:24 minutes.

we will be attentive to it…

Sunday with the Family

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Natalie, Benjamin and Amalia enjoyed a day off at Silverlake this Sunday. As usual, Daily Mail has a couple of photos:

Zegna Event Photoshoot

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Natalie and Benjamin attended an event organized by Ermenegildo Zegna a few days ago. Here we have a few more great photos of the couple in it. Enjoy:

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