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The rest

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Here are the other 4 images that I didn't get around to posting earlier. Still trying to find out the details of the Letterman visit.

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A bit late

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Just Jared is reporting that Natalie was phonebanking for now President Elect Barack Obama earlier today. Natalie Portman gives a great big smile as she volunteers her time for the…

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Don’t vote

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"That sounds like a t-shirt company to me" - Okay, I laughed. Yet another celebrity 5 friends video has surfaced and this one is "uncensored". Ooooh, how exciting... Nat can…

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Handsomecharlie intern speaks

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Thanks to a good find (by Fanatical, who else?) I was able to contact a guy called Kyle, who happened to intern at Natalie’s production company – Handsomecharlie Films.

He was kind enough to answer a few questions about his internship. Enjoy.

How did you come to get the job?

I’m a film major at my school and the department helped me locate different internship opportunities. One of the people that works at Handsomecharlie currently is also an alumna from my school, so there’s that connection as well.


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