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Put your left foot in, put your right foot up

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This new photo, from the 2005 Vogue shoot, is one of the stranger editorial images I've ever seen. The full sized version could be awful or awesome...its hard to tell.…

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Blasts from the past

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A few more new-old pics tonight, this time from the Angels in America private screening and opening night of Young Frankenstein.

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First Brothers thoughts?

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Yesterday I updated with a small Brothers article from Hollywood Elsewhere. In the talkback for that update is someone who appears to have seen the film. Here is what he/she…

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Brothers sounds good

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According to Upcoming Film Scores, Brothers will be be scored by Thomas Newman. Based on his CV this should be considered very good news. Thomas Newman has been hired to…

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Brothers at TIFF?

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Natalie's December release, Brothers, should start to come into focus in the coming months. If MGM consider it a possible awards contender, then they'll have a strategy in place to…

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Nat checks out Megapuss

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On Monday night, Devendra's band, Megapuss, played a gig at Spaceland. They were joined by Fab Moretti, of The Strokes, and it sounds like a lot of fun was had.…

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Nat heading to Venice

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People Magazine have mentioned, and I've had it confirmed, that Natalie will be attending the Venice Film Festival for her directorial debut, Eve. Now we can only hope and pray…

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