Forbes Star Currency

Forbes have put together another list (they love lists even more than I do) and this time they’ve polled industry people to rate the bankability of 1400 actors. The specific factors considered can be seen after the click but cutting to the chase, Will Smith is comfortably atop the list and Natalie came in at #84 with a score of 7.27

You can’t view the full list but you can search for actors to see their position and score. I tried a number of other young actresses to compare and found that Lohan, Ellen Page, Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst, Emily Blunt and Rachel McAdams are all quite a bit further down the list. Anne Hathaway has the exact same score. Scarlett is at #78 and Keira Knightley is way up the list at #42.

Anyone else I should be checking? You can do your own searches here.

Those critera mentioned above are:

–The amount of financing that flows to a project is significantly determined by the individual actor’s presence in a film.

–The individual actor’s presence in a film guarantees theatrical distribution.

–The individual actor’s presence significantly drives the film’s theatrical box-office performance.

–If the individual actor’s involvement is essential in securing rights deals for revenue streams, including DVD, pay/free TV, video-on-demand and online/downloading/streaming (when applicable), as well as a project’s ultimate financial performance in those areas.

–If the individual actor can attract audiences in any film genre.

–If the individual actor can attract other top-line talent based on his or her involvement in a film.

–If the individual actor is popular among most demographic groups.

–Whether media exposure the individual actor receives (positive or negative) enhances his or her ability to attract financing and audiences to a project.