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good vs evil

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Hi A belated merry xmas and all that jazz. Sanji and Kris have been giving me a bit of a break (altho now that they know, that'll be the end…

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Happy Hanukkah!

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Hello everyone, doesn't stop spinning just because of the holidays! Let's kick things off small:Did you know Natalie played the doomed decoy Cordé in Episode II before the explosion?…

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Big news

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Hey all Seems that Leon 2 is very much on the cards and The Superman rumour has at least some amount of truth to it. Take it away Nat... there's…

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monday monday

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Evening This is going to be short and sweet (ok, just short) as I've got to finish up some xmas stuff. Kathleen caught a VH1 special on Cold Mountain in…

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Nat in Soho

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Hey all Been a busy day for me, working on my christmas gifts. So my full update is going to have to hold off till tomorrow. Buuuut, Nat was seen…

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