leave no stone unturned


The first round of the Nat poll is now over!

I’m very happy with how things have gone so far and I hope you’re all enjoying it. So here we go…ROUND 2!

Ok, so those new pics from earlier today…my crotch np.com NEEDS bigger versions…desperately. So if anyone can help, please send them our way. Thanks. Oh, and the small pics are now in the new gallery.

Also, those Hi Res pics and normal sized ones have been added to the Green dress gallery.

Orionsaint sent in this very cool new EP3 pic from German Insider. Don’t cry over that tool.

Now the cigarette sitatuation. I don’t want to go on about it because we’ve certainly talked it to death. But I thought I’d mention that the brand she uses (I’m not going to post the name for obvious reasons) is natural. Meaning it doesn’t have a lot of the crap/chemicals that other brands have. Apparently it’s a favourite of hippies and…vegetarians!

That might make a difference to you. It might not. But I thought I’d mention it all the same.

Sean made this damn funny “if they mated” pic.

And finally, Nat’s birthday is next week which means Portmania is once again set to blow our minds. For Portmania I’d like you all to try and contribute something if you can. Be funny. Be inventive. B Monkey.

Also, I want to set up an editorial of “gifts nat fans would give Natalie on her birthday”. Send mail me and tell me, what is the one thing you would give Nat on her bday? You can be funny or sincere or mean or whatever.

Ok, that’s it for now.