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Christmas is a time for giving. But a lesser known xmas trait is that of slacking off. Sanjiro didn’t update his corner yesterday because he’s slacking off (although he claims he has to work two jobs or something. yeah right.) so he’ll be back on sunday with a special christmas flavoured Sanjiro’s Corner.

The other absentee is Kris, who updates the pic battle. Unfortunately I have no idea where he is so I can’t really say when that will be updated.

Not to mention Mart, who has been AWOL for months.

I’m beginning to think one of you is killing off the staff one by one.

Probably Aussietrooper.

Anyway, before there’s a sudden knock at my door, let’s get updating.

Let’s talk V for Vendetta. Andy (who has been a visitor of the site for 9 years, which is actually even longer than me) is a little concerned about Nat’s accent in the new V trailer. It’s certainly quite a heavy accent, definitely not the normal slight British accent we hear American actors adopt. But I certainly can’t tell how authentic it is. So…I thought it might be a good idea if some of the Brit visitors could leave their thoughts in the comments section. Or just email them to me. Maybe I’ll set up a little editorial.

Anyway, moving along, Sonoyta found a nice new V pic.

We also have a V banner from Math Grenades. Unfortunately we have someone who does all our banners and we only put a new one up when the film is about to be released. But it deserves to be seen.

Not to mention these two scans from Sci-Fi mag, where Nat talks about the issues raised in the film.


Thanks to Pasha and MissPortman for those and the scans to follow…

…which are scans from Paris Match, featuring some of the Sonia Sieff pics.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3 – best pic ever
Page 4 – article in french

And the one pure piece of news today is courtesy of Dana. Natalie is going to be one of the narrators for a PBS documentary about the Armenian genocide. You can find out more here.

That’s it for now. Ciao.