it speaks

Some site announcements:
1) The newsletter! The newsletter have now moved location to a real majordomo administered newslist operating at the address “”. So now you can sign up automatically through majordomo. But everyone who signed up for the old one have already been transferred so don’t bother.

2) As usual we have no coordination what so ever what everyone else is doing here so little did Dazza know yesterday that I was hard at work preparing for the Battle of the Pictures! It’s all set, ready for Dazza to start putting up the pics.

Some fan stuff:
1) A very nice drawing by Alexander Dramountanis.

2) Profblack sent me a musicvideo he did for “Léon” (special edition). It features a song by Björk and Jewel. And pretty good quality too, weighing in at 32 megs and about 5 minutes long.

And remember – make sure Santa can come in by climbing down the chimney first yourself!