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Hiya The staff page has been updated with a few changes. Unfortunately I've decided to remove JC but if he ever shows up again he's more than welcome back. I've…

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Hey all Sorry for the outage again this weekend but really, until Pher can get that server this is something that can always happen on weekends cos Pher isn't around…

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Damn, it’s cold in here

Hey all Jeff Wells' new column has some Cold Mountain news, which you might be interested in. I wrote COLD MOUNTAIN producer Sydney Pollack on Tuesday to learn about (a)…

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worst. news. ever.

Kathleen found this article that seems to indicate that Cate's role in Closer might be taken by *shudder* Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts looks set to sign up for the celluloid…

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Weekend hangover

Hey all If you have been here long enough to remember JC, you'd recall that he did most of the updates. This was partly due to him being several hours…

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