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Of the Valley of Wind.

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hello guys! we'll have a history lesson for people really quick just for people who don't know. Hayao Miyazaki is the brilliant japanese animator that has made "spirited away" and…

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Cold Mountain and Lux

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Hey all My grandmother passed away yesterday so this update is gonna be straight to the point. The full theatrical Cold Mountain trailer can now be seen here (Kris will…

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Nat in CM trailer??

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Evening Just got a few odds and ends for you today. Lindygrace, from AQMB, posted this about the Cold Mountain trailer: I saw the trailer for "Cold Mountain" last night…

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Hiya There is a big nat fan called Floothe who recently had heart surgery. He should be home soon, if not already, and if he is, this one's for you…

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Well, it was yesterday but I forgot. Cry me a river. Natalie, get up off your ass (or Gael's lap) and give the guy a call RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY!


LUX part deux! – UPDATED

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Hey all That's right, Natalie has shot another Lux commercial (apparently when she was filming Ep3) and it's now up on the japanese Lux site but you can download it…

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Go you good thing!

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Hey all Caleb forgot to do a Leon banner for the site but when I pointed this out he was only too happy to whip a couple up. And he…

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