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Hi Want to know the real reason why Natalie was seen smoking? Well click here to find out. Thanks to Nate for the prompt work. And thanks to everyone who…

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smoking fall out

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As the fallout from the smoking pics continues, like sharks to bloody water, we pounce! Over here is a new editorial. I'm sure a number of you have something to…

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Nat off Capa?

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Hiya Kris came back today and whipped up a nice poll script and we're pretty much all set to go. Just needed a couple last things from Mart but he's…

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It's on motherfuckers! Ahhhhh, always wanted to start an update with a curse. Ok, well you should know the drill by now. I set up a quick editorial because...well hell,…


Natalie The Smoker?

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Holy crap. Natalie has totally trumped the excitement of the Nat Pic Battle with this discovery. Melody found that pic and this one from her recent appearance. I'm shocked. I…

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Blame the guy who can’t speak english

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So I'm down here in Italy dealing with airlines who're either striking or going bankrupt, and I'm still to blame for not working. That's sweet :) What Dazza forgot…

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Well... Mart and I have put in a ton of work on the nat pic battle but I think we're screwed until Kris gets back. I thought changes had been…

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You know how I said we'd be ready to roll on monday...well you'll note I never said WHICH MONDAY! Ok, well I worked very hard this weekend and did my…

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