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Happy easter

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Hey all I was gonna update with some pics and fanart tonight but some other things have come up so that'll come later this weekend. Also, apparently I did the…

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Please people

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Either stop running Microsoft products or get some antivirus software and keep it updated. I'm getting hammered over here by some 400 netskys per hour. And when Natalie found out…

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I’m back, hide the kids

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Hey all Yes, I?m back?although the only people who knew I was away are those who signed up for the newsletter. So if you didn?t know you can thank Kris…

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Fear the Pher

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So Pher decided to do some maintenance which took the whole thing down over the weekend. It's the stuff that happens, but as we say - show us the money!…

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Little of this, little of that

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Ok, so that was our april fools joke (or rather one of them, here's the other). Some people got it, some people didn't. But most people got upset over the…

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Natalie and Gael are what!?

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Ok, everyone who'd hoped to one day get a shot at Natalie, you shouldn't be reading this. Check out this CNN story ... I don't know what to say... talk…

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