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I’ve got some good news about Sanjiro. After another disappearing act he was finally found washed up on a beach, clutching a box of matches and a hoola hoop. Hopefully there’s the mouth watering prospect of Sanjiro updates on the horizon.

But till then you’re stuck with me. Suckas!

Smadar found a video of Nat talking about animal abuse. She’s against it, by the way. Once again, it’s in Hebrew. Click here.

Speaking of video’s, we now have yesterday’s reuter’s vid on the site for download. Thanks to Mart.

Let’s talk Oscars…

Melody has finished the Oscar gallery although I’m sure there will be additions.

USA Today article has a nice blurb about Nat and Cate.

Cate Blanchett said she’s happy she sent the other women in her best-supporting-actress category flowers on Friday. “They’re all gorgeous girls,” she said. “And Natalie Portman sent me the most beautiful bouquet as well. There’s a far greater sense of camaraderie than people might like to believe.”

Thanks to Jaspreet.

It seems Nat is still smoking :-/

And finally, some oscar fashion blurbs.

– Montreal Gazette said “In the fashion sweepstakes, Natalie Portman was the winner of the evening as a Grecian goddess in Lanvin.”

– The Sun said “gorgeous Natalie Portman, 23, wowed the crowds in a sensational chiffon dress”.

Yahoo says:

The picks for best hairstyles at this year’s Oscars(R), as voted on by AG Hair Cosmetics’ stylists, were worn by:
Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman – “Scarlett and Natalie’s hairstyles were reminiscent of the Greek Goddess days with the waves and added ‘bling bling’ in their coifs. To get these looks, apply a matte, texturizing paste to mold hair into unforgettable styles,” explains AG’s Dept. of Style.

Thanks to Jamie and JC.

And now for the rest of the news.

This next article is interesting. It’s about the Vanity Fair Hollywood issue and is worth reading in it’s entirety. But if you’re too lazy, here’s the interesting Nat bit.

Well, maybe not every actress is thrilled. The New York Post’s Page Six gossip column reported this week that Natalie Portman, a Best Supporting Actress nominee tonight for Closer, passed up a chance for a Hollywood cover repeat this year because she didn’t like her placement. She had last appeared on the 1998 cover, a front-panel goddess at age 16.

“She would not have been on the front panel of the pullout, and it seemed like a long way for her to go (from her schooling in Israel) for a photo shoot she didn’t need,” Portman’s spokesperson Kelly Bush sniffed.

No one at Vanity Fair took that as a snub, apparently. They know that few can resist the siren call of a VF Hollywood cover, no matter what panel they’re on.

“We usually go back to them the next year,” Sarkin said.

“Sooner or later, everyone agrees!”

Melody has set up the Free Zone gallery.

Speaking of which, this article indicates that Natalie and the crew apologized for kissing near the Western Wall. But my sources tell me the wall enjoyed the view. Thanks to JC.

Pasha found a hi res version of that interesting NY Times pic.

And finally, a nice simple Garden State wallpaper from Barry.

Ok, I gotta run now. I’ll be back early tomorrow with a new poll, photoshop contest news and something AMAZING.

Minds will be blown.



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