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a well rounded update

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Hi Remember Sanjiro? Right, so first up is the good news that the Camille and TRL awards galleries are now up. Thanks to Melody and Titooy. Amidoll says that US…

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ratboy lives

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Hey all Just a morning quickie...ummm... Nat attended the TRL awards and if you head over here you can see some retro looking pics of her with Lukas Haas. Thanks…

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and more pics

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Hiya Unfortunately we haven't been able to get the galleries up today but hopefully tomorrow. In fact tomorrow I need to do a bunch of work. Anyway, Kathleen sent…

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Isn’t she lovely

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One last little update before I'm off to Denmark and Italy; She kinda looks rediculous, but in a good way. I don't know if it's the hair or what, but…

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muppets and smokers

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Hiya Just a couple addendum's to Kris' update earlier. If you have a clip of the Sesame Street episode please send it to Mart as Kris is away on business.…

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new pics!

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Of Natalie shopping once again in Soho. Check out the gallery over here. Thanks to Melody and Titooy. Also, note the John Kerry button.

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Smoker story

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Ok, last update I promise! Angry Liberal found the short story on which The Smoker is to be based. I haven't read it yet but I'll probably do so tomorrow...I…

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Shortcuts and wallpapers

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Titooy found a little shortcut to those narrations that Natalie did for the "Voice of the Holocaust". Although I recommend everyone to go to the exhibit, if you just wanna…

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