ROTS poll


As promised, it’s time for a new poll. Hopefully enough of you have seen the trailer by now…

And here are the results of the bald Nat poll:

How do you feel about Natalie losing weight and shaving her head for V for Vendetta?

I think it’s great and shows wonderful commitment to the role. 37.89% (385 votes)

It’s brave but I’ll really miss her hair. 31.99% (325 votes)

I think it’s great, bald girls are hot. 11.81% (120 votes)

I need to see how she looks first. 10.14% (103 votes)

A terrible and totally unecessary decision. 7.38% (75 votes)

This next bit is quite interesting. It’s the french posters for Garden State, which are wildly different to the ones we’ve seen before. They look very…sexy. Click here and here. Thanks to Alex.

Next up is a strangely late review of the Leon DVD from IGN.

Now more than ever, Natalie Portman’s performance is nothing short of stunning. For a girl of her age to so flawlessly embody such a complex and nuanced character stands out as a major feat, and I’m wondering how the Academy didn’t see fit to acknowledge her with an Oscar nomination. If Tatum O’Neal and Anna Paquin were good enough to win Oscars, it’s a travesty that Portman wasn’t even considered. She doesn’t have a false moment in her portrayal despite the creepy situations Besson places her in. Matilda is damaged goods, but she doesn’t really know just how far outside the lines she’s fallen.

Read the whole review here. Thanks to Orionsaint.

And finally, a couple of wallpapers.

This was sent in by Sean.

While Barry sent in this Padme wallpaper.