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Hi...again. I forgot a couple things. A kind lass found this new old Nat pic. And Melody has updated the following tv galleries. Misc Today Show Letterman Ciao.

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fitness vid?

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Tired of me yet? Ok, this just popped into my inbox and...I dunno, this is pretty weird. Maybe it's not Nat or maybe the pics are fake...but it sure looks…

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making of

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Forgot to mention that the Making of Closer is on Bravo tonight. If you are able to, please encode the program and mail Kris about it. Thanks.

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closer time

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Hiya Those of you who are able to see Closer this weekend, I hope you all enjoy it. For those of you who are on areas where it's not opening,…

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Hiya The award season has kicked off with the National Board of Review releasing their picks. Closer got 3rd best film of the year and best ensemble while Garden State…

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snip snip

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Hi I got a lousy haircut today. Why can they never understand "just a bit of a trim"? Everytime this happens I plan how to make myself even clearer next…

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And so it ends

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INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO, clip 3 / 3 (73 megs and just over 15 minutes long)!! Thanx Mike for sending it over, we owe you! I'm pretty sure we'll write…

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