post from jail


Well, if you’re reading this, congrats. You made it through the joke. I would have thought the link at the end wouldn’t be missed by anyone, but based on a number of emails I’ve gotten, not everyone clicked. Muhahahahha.

It was a reasonable gag but I think we coulda done better considering how much time we had. It’s funny how the great “Gael and Nat engaged” CNN story spoof we did last year was put together in no time at all.

Anyway, let’s clear out the inbox…

Enfero found this lovely B&W pic of Nat winking (at me, not you). We may already have it but hell, I’m way too lazy to go looking. If you don’t see the pic, scroll down till you see a back button.

Ok, I’m really struggling for Nat news so…

Webcyan found this report on the rising popularity of pole dancing and Nat is cited as an influence.

There are some new ROTS goodies so if you want to remain spoiler free, skip ahead.

Orionsaint had a couple of finds. The first is a lovely new bun picture. Second is a Padme card.

And Liwen and Peter sent in this spoilerific pic of Padme during naptime.

Finally, Polly sent in this fanart.

Slim pickings, eh?

I’ll be back later with a new poll.