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mystery solved?

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Evening If you head over to the Ellen site you can find a preview of Nat's appearance. Unfortunately you have to sit through the most annoying promo I've ever seen…

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Hi The general opinion seems to be that those fitness pics are very good fakes. Nat's head on someone else's body. So assume they're not real for now. Congrats to…

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Hiya 30 minutes after this update I will be sending out a new newsletter. It's gonna be a good one so I hope you're signed up. It seems that Bravo…

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Hi...again. I forgot a couple things. A kind lass found this new old Nat pic. And Melody has updated the following tv galleries. Misc Today Show Letterman Ciao.

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fitness vid?

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Tired of me yet? Ok, this just popped into my inbox and...I dunno, this is pretty weird. Maybe it's not Nat or maybe the pics are fake...but it sure looks…

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making of

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Forgot to mention that the Making of Closer is on Bravo tonight. If you are able to, please encode the program and mail Kris about it. Thanks.

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