new comic

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Evening Just a couple site additions tonight. Nate and I have the new comic strip up. Number 25. If you get the dual connection of Inman's last line, you're a…

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New editorial and poll *updated*

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Ello I wrote up a new editorial, which can be read here. Hope you all enjoy it...or get pissed off...any reaction is good. Remember to send me a line if…

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Down but not out

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Hey all Sorry for the site being down this weekend but the headquarters were under siege by rabid Natalie fans wanting to rip Gael a knew one. Seriously guys,…

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another quickie

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Hey all Thanks for the banner submissions we've received so far. Keep sending them in and we'll set up a poll in the near future. The DAZ=Sanji poll is over…

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Not so gae?

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Hola El Quijote looks like he has the answer to the Nat-Gael question, read on... Yestersay the most important Spanish newspaper, EL PAIS, reported in the society section that Natalie…

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site stuff

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Hey all The poll is now closed. Here are the final results... The banner is ok - would depend on the replacement banner. 49% (270 votes) The banner is great…

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Justin Timberlake

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well guys. do i have news for you! well barely. the MTV music awards were on a couple of days ago and no one really noticed. BUT. some people pretend…

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Hey all Not much going on in the Nat world at the moment but things will soon be heating up. So today we just have a new editorial. This is…

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