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Paris, I Love You

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Natalie and Benjamin are moving to Paris. Natalie has always had strong feelings for France, probably starting from the womb where her parents likely played the French song that she is named after. Marrying a french guy meant that she’s spent even more time in the country and now it looks like they’re going to make that permanent. Well…as permanent as a home is for a celebrity who spends half the year traveling around.

Millepied will become the new director of the Paris Opera Ballet.
He said to the AFP that they will both move to Paris.
“I won’t come without my family; it’s a family choice”, he said. “It’s a chance for us to be able to live in Paris, because I’ve been living in New York for 20 years. We are both very happy.”
Asking about the impact on Natalie’s career, he said: “Her career is such that living in Paris won’t prevent her from working abroad. Also, there are very talented directors in Europe, so why not concentrating a part of our careers on European projects.”
He said they will start looking for a place to live “soon, because I will have to spend a lot of time there.”

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