First TOLAD Clip

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While we await the first reviews of TOLAD and Natalie’s appearance at the screening today, how would you like to take a look at a first scene from the film? Starring Natalie. Written by Natalie. Directed by Natalie.

Thanks to Crazzeematt.


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With news flying in every direction I wanted to take this brief moment of quiet before the TOLAD reviews hit to post a few news items.

– First up, a couple videos of Natalie’s appearance for the opening ceremony at Cannes.

The second video is of the actual ceremony itself and can be viewed here with Natalie appearing “at 3’50 , 6’10 and after the short Benjamin Millepied ballet (from 10’02 to 14’20) at 14’20”. Thanks to Kornemuse for the links and info.

– Also thanks to Kornemuse for uploading the entire Le Monde M Magazine with the Natalie pictorial and interview. Any good quotes in there?

– Finally, the Guardian has a nice profile on Natalie, which ends with an interesting and sobering note.

Portman herself has recently indicated that her determinedly sober attitude to life as an adult star was inspired by something horrible and nameless that happened to a close friend in Israel in 2003, while she was in her senior year at Harvard. It convinced her, she said, that she had an obligation to do some good if she could.

Cannes Opening Ceremony

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We’ve updated the gallery with over 50 new photos of Natalie and husband Benjamin Millipied attending the opening ceremony and premiere of La Tete Haute during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival today. Does Natalie look stunning in red or what?


Thanks to Belerofonte for the finds.

Natalie At Cannes

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Currently busy with work so will have to post more later but Natalie is currently on the red carpet at Cannes and she is looking GREAT.


TOLAD Is Almost Here

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The official Cannes lineup has been released as well as the page for A Tale of Love and Darkness. With it comes this still from the film and the runtime – a relatively brisk 98 minutes.

Natalie Portman in Tale of Love and Darkness

On the subject, the Polish cinematographer, Idziak, has once again spoken warmly about Natalie the director. He also predicted the new Natalie film rumours by revealing that Natalie was planning to do a lot of acting in the near future.

I had no doubt that I wanted this movie to do, although I had huge concerns with this production, as movie stars can be very different. Well, I found a wonderful woman and a great artist, a great actress, but I have to tell you that it will be, it is already, a great director, also is multitalented. Already in the queue to her American studies they set to doing more films. She says he has to give a break. He wants to work a little bit as an actress, but undoubtedly thoughts and collects at the moment ideas for future films. This cooperation was extremely harmonious. From the beginning to the end. To be honest, moves me is that outstanding actress, Hollywood, sends me on my birthday wish on video, or if in Los Angeles invites you to dinner, she pulls the car and whisks herself dinner. These are gestures that do not remind me of big stars American, and Natalia this is and it’s really not just about me. It’s about her attitude toward other people.

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It’s time for another batch of mini news items.

– Here is a video for film geeks (like me), featuring the color grader on Knight of Cups talking about his experience working on the film.

– Lee pointed out the awesome artwork for the Leon Steelseries Bluray. It is a limited edition and if you click the thumbnail below and order, you’ll be helping out the site by giving us a small referral fee.

– Finally, Benjamin will be joining Natalie at Cannes as he is creating an Alfred Hitchcock inspired piece for the opening.

Into The Sunlight

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It looks like we’re going to be in for an exciting May. The Cannes Film Festival, which Natalie will attend with her film A Tale of Love and Darkness, starts on May 13th. Now we have news that Natalie will present an award to Amos Oz, the author of the novel that Natalie adapted.

Natalie will also, once again, be attending the AmfAR gala on May 21st. This time Natalie is a co-chair, along with Jake Gyllenhaal, Sharon Stone and others.

Thanks to Kitten and Belerofonte.

AToLaD Special Screening at Cannes

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The Cannes Film Festival 2015 lineup was unveiled earlier today, and while A Tale of Love and Darkness won’t be in competition, there will be a special screening of the film during the festival. We should be expecting a Natalie appearance at Cannes in May, fingers crossed. Thanks to Belerofonte, via Deadline.

Cannes Tale Make It?

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Cannes is rapidly approaching once again and the tea leaves are coming up A Tale of Love and Darkness, Natalie’s feature directorial debut.

Variety feels that the film has a good chance to feature in the Un Certain Regard competition, which generally focuses on more daring and original works for all over the world. No mention of either of the Malick films.

Elsewhere, Natalie Portman’s feature directing debut, the Jerusalem-shot drama “A Tale of Love and Darkness,” could be headed for a slot in Un Certain Regard.

Hollywood Elsewhere’s Jeff Wells has compiled his own list and Tale lands in 8th spot with this little write-up.

(8) Natalie Portman‘s A Tale of Love and Darkness — Dramatization of true story of Israeli writer Amos Oz growing up in Jerusalem during the 1940s and ’50s…okay, maybe but clearly not a triple, especially with that overbearing title;

I was leaning towards the Malick film, Weightless, due to the music scene and how long it has been in the oven, with Tale maybe peeking out at Venice later in the year, but now I think I’m coming around. It would be such a thrill for Natalie to be at Cannes for her own film.

Natalie In Cannes

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Well well, it looks like Natalie was in Cannes after all. And not just as a billboard. Below is a video of Natalie and Benjamin (Ben is carrying Aleph) at the Cannes airport, where presumably Natalie was taking meetings in the film market regarding finding distribution partners for A Tale Of Love And Darkness. Thanks to Kitten.


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Just a couple tiny morsels for this evening…

– Natalie is in Cannes after all! Although she’s looking a little flat. As you can see below, Natalie is part of the Cannes fait le mur, which is basically what it looks like. Huge photos that get hung up during the Cannes Film Festival. Not quite the appearance we were hoping for but hell, there’s always next year. Thanks to Kitten.


– Next up is a piece of fanart. Really nice work from Anima.


– And finally, we passed 20k likes on our Facebook page. A big thanks to everyone over there.

New Poll + Cannes Results

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It’s time for a new poll and how could I not riff on the disappointing news that the trouble Jane Got A Gun has now been shifted to the dumping grounds of February. So, let’s see who still has high aspirations for the film.

As for the last poll, I wanted to create something that would result in a very close competition and for once I got it right. Just 8 votes separated the more popular choice from the runner up.


KoC Tidbits

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Sooo a little follow up to yesterday’s hope and prayer that Knight Of Cups could make it to Cannes. I thought an Italian Magazine tweet suggested that KoC might be a late addition to the festival…well MrsKiraSayers informed me that the tweet actually suggested that the film WOULD NOT make the festival.

Then today the news broke that several new films had been added, none of which had Knights nor Cups. So maybe it’s time to give up the dream.

On second thought, long live the dream!

Thanks to lightscamerareaction and Belerofonte.


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Another round of mini news items starting with…

– An Italian film magazine twitter account is speculating/predicting/reporting that Knight Of Cups is the film that might get the late entry to Cannes. Thanks to Kitten.

– Speaking of Cannes, the jury has been selected and if KoC is in the running, Natalie’s film will be judged by her La Vie En Rose director, Sofia Coppola, plus her ex-boyfriend, Gael Garcia Bernal.

– Finally, here is another nice still from Macbeth. I promise I’ll now stop harping on about this missed opportunity (Natalie was cast but dropped out to do A Tale Of Love And Darkness)…at least till a trailer arrives.



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We’ve got a varied batch of mini news items today so without further adieu…

– Let’s start with the hopeful news that, according to the head of the festival, another film might be added to the Cannes Film Festival line up if it is ready in time. #prayforknightofcups

– On the pessimistic side, Isabel Lucas has confirmed that she is in Knight Of Cups (no, that’s not the bad news) and seems to think that the film will only be released in 2015. Of course even if the release is next year, that doesn’t mean that won’t hit a festival or two before the year ends.

– Finally, I get a lot of messages from fans looking to get hold of a signed photo of Natalie. Will there is one up on Ebay now. Don’t really like the image, nor do I get the desire to own autographs, but if you’re interested…go for it.

Thanks to A and Yabba.


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Just a couple small updates tonight…

– If you follow us on Twitter you would have seen a tweet this morning confirming that Knight Of Cups was not finished in time for Cannes, thus no Natalie films will be showing…barring a late surprise. I don’t know what saddens me more, that we won’t get to see another red carpet appearance for Natalie or that we’re probably still months away from hearing reviews of a new Natalie film. Le sigh.

– And Soraya was kind enough to send in a translation for the blogger who spotted Natalie at Palais Garnier a couple weekends ago.

Of course she was accompanied by her husband, Benjamin Millepied, future director of the Opera Dance, and even though we saw each other, she didn’t recognize me….but I recognized her. As they arrived late, the audience practically didn’t see them. At the intermission, they disappeared…I saw them again in the hall. She seemed very shy in her dress with puffed sleeves, the sort of dress a little girl would wear to see a dance recital at school.


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A couple Terrence Malick related tidbits for you guys and gals this evening.

– The Cannes lineup is announced this week and we’re all praying to the movie gods for one of Natalie’s films to make a premiere appearance. Well, pouring so cold water on the fire is Deadline Hollywood who say they’ve heard that Knight Of Cups is not finished.

– Speaking of Knight Of Cups, the IMDB has added a R rating for sexual content throughout, some graphic nudity, pervasive language , violence and sexual comments. Sounds like my kind of movie. I have no idea how accurate IMDB is when it comes to film ratings, but if true then the film must be finished…?

As for the sexual content, it’s not normally something that we’d associate with Malick but the buzz on the OTHER Natalie-Malick film (still untitled) was steamy, so given that the two films are probably linked it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re both pushing the boundaries a little.

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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A good batch of mini updates for you guys today. Enjoy.

– First up a new article about Natalie and her A Tale Of Love And Darkness collaboration with Polish cinematographer, Slawomir Idziak. It also comes with this new photo of the two of them.


– Next up is an article speculating that Terrence Malick’s Knight Of Cups could be premiering in Cannes. The final lineups are announced in just a couple weeks so the wait won’t be too long.

– Finally, a couple Natalie related tweets. The first from a sighting in France and the second from the probable DJ for the Tale Of Love And Darkness wrap party.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.

KoC for Cannes?

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Not sure how legitimate this is but screw it, I’ll post anything to do with Natalie’s upcoming films at this point. This Italian Ryan Gosling site claims (check the comments below the post) that a source has told him/her that director Terrence Malick has submitted Knight Of Cups (the one starring Christian Bale that was shot in Hollywood) for selection to the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. If true, the film will be there that’s for sure. That wouldn’t necessarily mean another Natalie appearance at the famous festival but given she has her own film in the works I’m sure that would be an extra incentive to make the trip.

Either way, would just love to read some reviews and see some promotional material for the film, so my fingers are tightly crossed. We’ll find out in a couple weeks.

Thanks to A.