What Now?

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  Kitten made a really great video find of Natalie. After Bonjour I have no idea what she's saying, but it's cute as hell.

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More Dior

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  Looks like there's another Miss Dior campaign on the horizon. Kitten found this new snapshot of Natalie shooting a new advertisement this week in France on Instagram.

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Natalie and Fam Go to Disneyland

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  Natalie and Benjamin were spotted on an outing with Aleph at Disneyland Paris last Thursday, and Belerofonte and Kitten have rounded up some sneaky fan photos. Please note that…

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Natalie and family in France

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  Usually, paparazzi pictures either bore me or make me uneasy, but these candid photos of Natalie on a family outing in Versailles are too cute to pass up (unless…

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  News has suddenly dried up and may be quiet until A Tale Of Love And Darkness kicks into gear early next year. I'm hoping some Jane Got A Gun…

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Natalie on 50 mn Inside

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  Olivia Fabresse tweeted a new snapshot of Natalie taken when she was being featured on TF1's 50 mn Inside during her Thor: The Dark World promotional tour in Paris.…

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Park Playdate

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  Natalie was pictured out at the Jardin d'Acclimation children's amusement park with Aleph (who is clearly seen in all the pics) earlier today in France. Some really cute pics…

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TF1 Interview

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Natalie is going to be appearing on French TV later on this evening on TF1. They have tweeted a picture of her on set. Click the pic to see the gallery.


Check The Video out under the cut or here TF1.


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