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For a film that’s a couple decades old it’s amazing that we can still find new material. Rachel spotted this fantastic photo of Mathilda from The Professional and it’s the best thing you’ll see all weekend.


Rooney Mathilda

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Something a bit fun – EdenLiao spotted that Natalie’s Weightless co-star, Rooney Mara, dressed up as Mathilda for Halloween with her boyfriend donning the familiar Leon look. I really hope they share some screen time in the Terrence Malick film.



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34 years in the making….PORTMANIA 17


and it ends next Tuesday – Natalie Portman’s BIRTHDAY!

and PORTMANIA is the week long celebration where KINDNESS, EQUALITY and RATIONALITY rule.


but what you may not know is that thousands of Natalie Portman fans go each year without PORTMANIA. because their internet SUCKS. What can you do to help these poor people?

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It’s time for another batch of mini news items.

– Here is a video for film geeks (like me), featuring the color grader on Knight of Cups talking about his experience working on the film.

– Lee pointed out the awesome artwork for the Leon Steelseries Bluray. It is a limited edition and if you click the thumbnail below and order, you’ll be helping out the site by giving us a small referral fee.

– Finally, Benjamin will be joining Natalie at Cannes as he is creating an Alfred Hitchcock inspired piece for the opening.


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Let me ease back into things with a handful of mini news items, which we like to call tidbits.

– Starting with the news that Natalie will be Harvard’s Class Day speaker for 2015. Class Day honours graduating students and will be held on May 27th. Hopefully a recording will find its way online shortly after that.

– Taste of Cinema has thrown together a list of the top 20 first time performances in cinema. Natalie as Mathilda makes the list but to find out exactly where she landed, you’ll have to see for yourselves.

– Finally, Avengers: Age of Ultron has started releasing across the globe and in case there was any doubt, Natalie’s Jane Foster character is not in the film.

Thanks to Belerofonte.

Mathilda Fan Art

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A big thanks to Duke, who submitted some much-needed (hint hint) fan art. Hit the preview to view the whole piece.

Red Magazine Scans

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Thanks to Amo, we now have scans of Natalie’s full interview from the April 2015 issue of Red Magazine. Disappointingly, it looks like most of the new material was already posted online last week.

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Mathilda Animated

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Now for something a bit different. Belerofonte found some videos based off of a digital Mathilda animation rig. The first video shows the rig being created and then Mathilda busts out some impressive moves. The second is a recreation of a scene from the film and boy does it look pretty.

Mathilda WOW

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This is a find, not a fan submission, so it isn’t eligible for our end of year awards. The artists who are eligible might be breathing a sigh of relief because this piece from Desislava is pretty damn incredible.


Natalie & Me

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The “me” in question is Soraya Roberts, a writer and long (loooong) time Natalie fan. I’ve known Soraya for a few years and I think she’s known me for longer than that, having checked in on the site for many years. In recent times it’s been great seeing her career taking off and I’ve long been anticipating a piece relating to her complicated fandom. With Leon’s 20th anniversary upon us, she took the opportunity to finally write about her connection to Natalie.

I don’t agree with everything said, but I think it will resonate with a lot of people, even if the particulars are different from person to person.

I turned back to the band as she approached our corner — I didn’t want to stare. She had a beer in her hand and I felt the booth shudder as she climbed up and sat next to me. Neither my best friend nor my boyfriend was aware of her presence, but it was all I was aware of. I felt my heart flood with adrenalin as I turned to her and touched her shoulder. “Happy birthday, by the way,” I said (“By the way,” like the tail end of a conversation we had already been having). Natalie opened her mouth, equal parts shock and smile. “Thank you!” she said.

I didn’t introduce myself, I didn’t say anything else, I just sat there sharing a piece of upholstery with my proxy as she swigged her beer and listened to the music, the perfect fan, contained despite being anything but. That she didn’t move, that she didn’t try to see me seeing her, suggested a mutual respect (mine based in celebrity, hers in humanity). I was embarrassed when two guys cut across the room to invite her to a gig, like a truck ploughing through a perfectly harmonious countryside. But Natalie was polite. “I’m only in town for tonight,” she said.


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A belated happy holiday. I spent it slogging to make a film in 48 hours for the Cape Town leg of the 48 Hours Film Project. Exhausting but a lot of fun.

Just to give a little nod to Halloween, here is Celina’s awesome outfit. If you have any Natalie related Halloween costumes, send them in and if I get 2 or 3 good ones I’ll post them to the site.


New Poll + Results

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We’re well overdue for a new poll and with the big Thor 3 news landing yesterday, it was a no-brainer to make that the subject.

As for the previous poll, it seems over a third of Natalie’s fans can thank Leon for becoming fans in the first place.


New Poll + Leon Results

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Forgive me Natalie fans. You can probably count on one hand the number of times there haven’t been updates on two consecutive days…and that’s going back a decade and a half. The week just overwhelmed and I apologize profusely. It didn’t help that Natalie news was at an all time low this week, but we’re on the verge of something exciting. Hang in there.

Alright then, back on the horse I leap. Let’s start with poll results for a change, as it was no ordinary poll. Our Leon scene poll had a predictable winner, which I can’t disagree with. I was surprised with Leon’s choking on milk being so high, as well as the Russian roulette being so low. But I am absolutely shocked that Natalie’s confrontation with Oldman in the bathroom didn’t get more love – the scene is fire. Gotta love the “I’m sorry”.

Click the thumb below for a bigger version.


For the new poll I’m drawing from the Leon well again.

Tarantino Likes Leon

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Writer, director and actor film lover, Quentin Tarantino, is also the owner of the New Beverly Cinema in LA. The theatre is reopening after some alterations and in the second week of October he will be screening, in 35mm, Leon The Professional along with his own Pulp Fiction. Both films share a 20 year anniversary, and the fact that they are both bloody brilliant.

If you’re in the area, the two films will be screening for 6 nights and tickets are only $8.

Thanks to Adonis and Belerofonte.

New Poll + Garden State Results

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As promised, here is the big best Leon The Professional scene/moment poll. A big thanks to all who left submissions – sorry if your favourite scene didn’t make it in. The poll doesn’t allow images, so I’ll try and be as descriptive as possible.

As for the Garden State poll, wow, VERY interesting results. Most loved the film then and love it now, which is no big surprise. What is interesting is that almost a 3rd of you like the film less now than you did when it came out. While almost nobody had the opposite experience.


Best Leon Scene/Moments

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In a few days I want to do a Leon The Professional poll, asking Natalie fans to vote on their favourite scene or moment from the film. Rather than just pick MY favourite moments for you to choose from, I’m opening it up so that you can leave your suggestions in the comments. Selections from the original and extended cut are valid. Go nuts!



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It’s time for another batch of mini updates. They make up for their small stature with a lot of heart.

– Let’s kick things off withIndiewire’s Throwback Thursday choice to look back at Black Swan. It has a nice little summary of some stand out quotes from the cast and director, Darren Aronofsky, including this quote below, regarding what the the film schedule delays meant for Natalie.

‘And one of the advantages was that because the money really came through for a really long time… We kept having to push. And one thing I didn’t realize until recently was that everytime we pushed, Natalie was like ‘another three weeks of carrot sticks and almonds! I’m gonna kill you!’ So she really was tortured pretty badly because we had such a hard time getting the money for the film.”‘

– Cincillo may have found the original script for Garden State. Just judging by the last page, which has a musical cue for a Radiohead song, which wasn’t in the film, I’m inclined to think it might be legit.

– Speaking of Garden State, as with Leon, the film is celebrating its own milestone.


– Lastly, a few days back we crossed the 50k likes mark on our Facebook page. Let’s see if we can get to 100k before Natalie’s next film arrives 😉

Calendar For September

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Thought we had forgotten? Think again. Here is the new desktop wallpaper calendar for September. We’re still paying respects to Leon: The Professional’s 20 year anniversary, hence the choice of image for Rachel’s wallpaper.



Misty Water Coloured Leon

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We continue the Leon content, in celebration of the film’s 20 year anniversary, with some set photos of Natalie posing with cast and crew. I think this classic Gary Oldman pose has been seen by all but these others might be new to some fans. In order, Natalie with director Luc Besson, with Jean Reno and with everyoooooone!