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Press Junket Tidbits

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The Press Junket of Annihilation, held this weekend, has given us a few tidbits:

-ET Online has a video with Natalie and Oscar Isaac, in which they joke and she explains how the SNL Rap video #2 was made:

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Cate Blanchett added to Ragnarok

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  With all of these Avengers films slated for their upcoming releases, we are slowly learning more and more about the eventual third film in the Thor series Thor:Ragnarok. We've…

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Thor: Ragnarok gets a Director

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  So Thor 3 is in the works, as the Marvel cinematic universe goes into its next phase slowly but surely. The second sequel, titled Thor: Ragnarok, is due to…

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  It's high time for another batch of mini news items. Strap in, here we go! - First up is some good and bad news. Steven Spielberg has landed the…

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Thor:Ragnarok On The Move

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  If you are already waiting in line for Thor 3: Ragnarok tickets, you're going to be waiting even longer. The big news is that Marvel and Sony are joining…

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Thor 3 Speculation

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  Thor: Ragnarok will likely go into production some time this year, but one of the big questions relates to whether Natalie will be involved or not. This is all…

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Thor 3

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  Marvel held an event today and announced not one, not two, not three, not four, not five...*skips ahead*...not eight but NINE new films. Odds were good that one of…

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