Mathilda Musings

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I was typing up another response to Adonis about a Leon (The Professional) sequel in the comments section, but I thought I’d make it a post instead and encourage others to jump in.

The idea of a Leon sequel is something that fills me with dread. The reasons are not new and they are plentiful. From the quality of Besson’s work since those early days, to the fact that Mathilda AND Leon was the magic of the film, to have one without the other would be disappointing.

But a bigger issue for me, and what I was writing in response to Adonis, is that I don’t want to see Mathilda kicking ass as a hit woman. Not only is it boring and played out, but it fires 2 to the chest and 1 to the head of the first film. Mathilda shows Leon a glimpse of a real life and his heartbreaking goodbye speech underlines the lesson learned – if he gets out of there he wants to give it all up, live in peace, have roots.


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