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I was typing up another response to Adonis about a Leon (The Professional) sequel in the comments section, but I thought I’d make it a post instead and encourage others to jump in.

The idea of a Leon sequel is something that fills me with dread. The reasons are not new and they are plentiful. From the quality of Besson’s work since those early days, to the fact that Mathilda AND Leon was the magic of the film, to have one without the other would be disappointing.

But a bigger issue for me, and what I was writing in response to Adonis, is that I don’t want to see Mathilda kicking ass as a hit woman. Not only is it boring and played out, but it fires 2 to the chest and 1 to the head of the first film. Mathilda shows Leon a glimpse of a real life and his heartbreaking goodbye speech underlines the lesson learned – if he gets out of there he wants to give it all up, live in peace, have roots.

Mathilda is often confused as already being a killer, but even the directors cut shows her as just a kid, a damaged kid for sure, but that’s part of what makes the character so great. She wasn’t some kind of fantasy Hitgirl type of character. She was real.

To have a sequel drop in on Mathilda as an ass kicking adult would surely undermine the first film. That’s not to say a sadder version of a damaged hit woman couldn’t be interesting, hell that was my (unfinished) attempt at a follow up, but based on Besson’s recent work (including the unofficial sequel, Columbiana) I think we’d get something more “cool” and generic.

If we HAD to catch up with Mathilda, I’d actually prefer a straight up drama. A young woman trying to lead a normal life but scarred by her experiences as a child. Come to think of it, maybe I should just think of Closer as the continuation of the character. No knives and guns but probably even more brutal than The Professional.


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  • Adonis says:

    Dazza, thank you that you’re honest! But why so frustrated about a sequel to Leon?
    I think you misunderstood me, do you think that I want to see Mathilda as assassin where every shot is coming her in the way …. of course I do not want that.
    I want a Mathilda as Leon, and that means “no women no kids, and no innocent” …
    My “Mathilda” musings will remain, because Natalie wants this film too ….

  • NPyall says:

    I dont get it, I thought this was a joke. There are talks about Leon 2 is this for real? There must be some misinformation in regards to this because it doesn’t seem logical.

    • Dazza says:

      She got asked about it again and the rumours will always exist. But no, it’s very unlikely it will ever happen.

  • Nannina says:

    I agree. The whole point of the end of Leon is for Matilda to get out of that world. I hate it when sequels undo the satisfying ending of the first, and that happens all the time because they need drama. Men in Black II is one example that really disappointed me (not just because the movie disappointed me), but because I liked the idea of K happy finally living a normal life, and J and the morgue woman happy fighting aliens. Silly example I know, but i wish I could unsee that sequel for just that reason. Leon 2 would be the same. The story’s told, it is satisfying. I don’t feel any desire to see more of it, and it is one of my all time favorite films.

  • Adonis says:

    I see this all very different and not so complicated.
    In a probable sequel “Mathilda” will be the female “Leon” – no matter what Tony and Leon have told her in the end …. away from this craziness, it’s over ,Leon’s death, etc.
    But Mathilda will never forget Leon, he was her protector, her teacher, and last fall in a big platonic relationship with him ….
    The second part can really only be even more exciting, with a Mathilda listening to their conscience and says, “Leon” was and is my guide ….
    So, nothing can stop the sequel, “only Natalie”.

  • NPyall says:

    Well I found where Natalie said there has been a script for some time now, and that she hasnt even read it and will not even read it unless Luc Besson agrees to direct it. Luc has stated he will not direct it and therefore Natalie will not be doing it, but did say “ill be there in 2 seconds if Luc Besson directs it”.

    In my opinion im glad its a stalemate because I don’t see a reason to add on to a masterpiece it would be like making a Black Swan 2. Im sure Natalie doesn’t agree with a sequel either but out of respect to the director that gave her her first job she would do it for him.

  • Elin says:

    In my opinion, Leon died so Mathilda could have a normal life, or as normal as possible at least. He died so she had her vengeance. Mathilda’s reasoning for wanting to become an assassin was so she could kill those responsible for killing her brother. They died. So there’s no reason left for her to become an assassin. I agree with Dazza that if a sequel would be made, it would be best if it was a drama.

  • Elin says:

    @Adonis: The problem is that your reasoning makes no sense.
    if Mathilda views Leon as her mentor and teacher, she would see that he did not he want her to get into the same line of work he was in. He sacrificed himself for that.

    I also think that her planting Leon’s plant in the ground was so she could finally grow roots. In any case, a sequel in which Mathilda is an assassin like Leon was would in my opinion undo all what made the original such a great movie.

  • Dazza says:

    Yup, good points.

    To be clear, I wouldn’t actually mind a complicated darker follow up story. Just don’t give me Mathilda kicking ass while looking cool. That’s just too boring and played out. What made the first film great was the connection between two characters. If there aren’t similarly strong characterizations in a sequel it would be very forgettable. Cashing in on the fans.

  • Adonis says:

    Alright ‘Elin’, that’s your opinion, have no problem.
    You’re making a mistake here if you think that I want to see “Mathilda” as an assassin where everyone’s going to shoot. Of course not, that would be against my idea, I do not ever want such a movie ..

    Leon was not an assassin, he was more a punisher against the corrupt drug mafia, he was, so to speak justice in person … and so I want to see Mathilda in the second part.

    But at least we are in an agree , you and Dazza want a sequel – I also, “just a bit different” …

  • NPyall says:

    Adonis no offense but Mathilda was just a kid who wanted revenge for her innocent brothers death, she didnt really want to kill anyone when she had her chance in the bathroom she just started crying. Shes the one whom made Leon more loving and emotional. After all the main antagonist (Corrupt police) is dead and for god sake the name of the movie is Leon and he died. Its a masterpiece as is no good reason to add to that, the ending was perfect.

  • Adonis says:

    The only true answer how the sequel would look like, can only give Luc and Natalie, they are the protagonists .
    Then we’ll see who was right with his arguments…