Our Mathilda t-shirt is AVAILABLE NOW!

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As promised, here is our unique "Mathilda - Nah" t-shirt design. Just click the image below to check out the various products. There is a standard tee, a v-neck option,…

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We made a t-shirt

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This year I've been trying to re-engage with Natland and have a bunch of ideas bubbling under the surface. Video content? Sure. The return of the comics? Maybe. But first…

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Birthday kisses

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Sanji will be back with the special Portmania/Charlies/Birthday update but here's something a little special from Shanna Besson, the daughter of Luc (director of The Professional) Besson. "Awwww" doesn't even…

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Mathilda by Elesq

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A couple weeks back I posted an adorable Mathilda sketch from Elesq and today I have three more. Her best work is actually her more artistic expressions, so be sure to follow her on Instagram.


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More Tidbits

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  - A new French interview has some interesting quotes, including Natalie naming her favourite three dramas (Badlands, The Pianist, Breaking the Waves) and the three lighter films that tickle…

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Halloween Tidbits

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Happy Halloween to any readers that care 😛

Just a few tidbits today, starting with something related to today.

– Kenya is the daughter of Nastassja Kinski and Quincy Jones and her Halloween outfit might look familiar.


A photo posted by Kenya Kinski-Jones (@kenyakinskij) on

– Next we have the cover of Natalie’s appearance in, and guest editor-in-chief of, Les Inrocks.


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  For a film that's a couple decades old it's amazing that we can still find new material. Rachel spotted this fantastic photo of Mathilda from The Professional and it's…

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Rooney Mathilda

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  Something a bit fun - EdenLiao spotted that Natalie's Weightless co-star, Rooney Mara, dressed up as Mathilda for Halloween with her boyfriend donning the familiar Leon look. I really…

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