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New Poll + Dior Ad Results

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In the preparation for the Charlies we realized the poll daddy system was inadequate, and while trying to find a solution I totally slacked off on polls. Which is a damn shame because there is so much to poll you guys about. In any case, it’s now back and I’m going to knock out one of these every few days till we’re caught up a bit.

Soooo, let’s start with this question…

Having seen the behind the scenes video and the longer Dior short film, which did you enjoy more?

[polldaddy poll=6929280]

As for the last poll, which was about the early 30 second Dior advert, the results were quite even. You can see the full results after the jump…


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Behind The Scenes

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  I think the Miss Dior landslide of news is almost at an end, however this update MIGHT be the best of all. It's a 3 minute long behind the…

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Dior Interview

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  A new Dior video interview, with Natalie looking rather stunning, has arrived and once more knocked The Charlies off the radar. Everytime I sit down to get them sorted…

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Two More Teasers

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  And here are two new teasers for the upcoming Sofia Coppola directed short film, La Vie En Rose. They really are squeezing every inch out of this thing aren't…

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Dior Tumblr

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  Another great heads up from EdenLiao - that the Dior Tumblr page is updating constantly with new photos and teasers from the upcoming Dior short film. Click the thumbnail…

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La Vie En Rose

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  We're not done yet. A site has gone up with images and the videos that we posted earlier. The forthcoming Sofia Coppola directed short film (well, short fashion film…

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Dior Short Film Coming Soon

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Just when you think Dior is done, more Natalie content arrives. Today we have a trailer and two teasers for the short film, from which the new Dior advert was stitched. I wasn’t overly thrilled by the advert (will be doing a poll about that and other news items that haven’t been polled because we’ve been looking into our poll system) so am hoping that the longer form, which is directed by Sofia Coppola, will have more of an impact. Enjoy and thanks again to EdenLiao.

The two teasers are after the jump…

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Welcome Back, Miss Dior

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Natalie’s Dior campaign begun with the gentle pink themed shoot and video directed by Sofia Coppola. Well the new Miss Dior campaign is on the way and we have three new photos for you guys. UPDATE – And one more!



That’s not all, we have more after the jump. Just click “read more”.

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