More Vanity Fair Outtakes

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Thanks to Edenliao, we have more outtakes of the recent photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Unfortunately, the resolution is very low, but any new image of Natalie is always welcome:


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Vanity Fair Outtake

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Photographer Erik Madigan Heck has shared in his instagram account a gorgeous outtake photo from the recent Vanity Fair photoshoot. Thanks to Edenliao for the find:

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British Vogue Outtakes

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Today we have a look at the past. Photographer & stylist Jackie Dixon has shared on her Instagram three amazing outtakes of an old Natalie’s photoshoot for British Vogue taken…

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What better to make bearable this Christmas holiday than a few tidbits:

-Natalie and her family are still on vacation in Brazil these days. On Christmas Day she was seen with Aleph and Amalia visiting the statue of “Cristo Redentor”, in Rio de Janeiro.

-Pascal Perich has shared another unused picture of Natalie for a photoshoot taken in 2009 for Financial Times, and it´s gorgeous:


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