First Hand Experience on Planetarium set

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Yesterday, we got some lovely shots from the Planetarium set in Paris, which can be found here. Luckily, user Aurore actually got a first hand experience on this new shoot. Here is a look at what went down. Congratulations on the awesome experience!

Here is an instagram shot of the event found at the user accroaupopcorn:



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First Look – Natalie In Planetarium

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  The Daily Mail has the first photos of Natalie filming Planetarium, her first French language film. It's strange to see Natalie with a cigarette in hand (on screen) as…

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Opening Season Gala

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  Natalie attended the opening season gala for the National Ballet of Paris last night. Given the event you won't be surprised to know that Benjamin was there as well.…

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Upcoming Dior

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  Ah, blessed weekend. I'm going to use it to try and get on top of all the latest Natalie news. Thankfully I did hear from Rachel and she is…

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Bumper Tidbits

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  Argh, struggling to keep up with Rachel AWOL and work stacking up, so let's do a post that merges a bunch of items that could very well have made…

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Where? Paris That’s Where.

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  Not much to post but for those fans that sleep better at night knowing where in the world Natalie is, it looks like she was spotted at Palais Royal…

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LVMH Prize Event

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  Though she was a no-show at the amfAR gala, Natalie made an appearance at the LVMH Young Fashion Designer awards ceremony in Paris yesterday, where she presented the LVMH…

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Red Magazine Scans

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Thanks to Amo, we now have scans of Natalie’s full interview from the April 2015 issue of Red Magazine. Disappointingly, it looks like most of the new material was already posted online last week.


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