Annihilation Tidbits

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Natalie will be at the Jimmy Kimmel Show tonight, in what is the culmination of the Annihilation promotion before beginning the filming of Vox Lux. While we wait for the US release next week, here we have more tidbits about the movie…

-Rob Hardy, director of photography of the film, has published in the instagram of the BSC a great photo taken during the shooting of one of the key scenes in London:

-Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow will release Annihilation score next week, and here we can listen to some of the themes of the film.


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Next weekend Jackie will expand to 26 theaters in the USA. Until then, here are a few tidbits to make the wait bearable…

Vanity Fair has a new article focused on the costumes of the Pablo Larrain´s film, made by Madeline Fontaine. Some of the stills that illustrate it are brand new:



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Sunday Tidbits

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What better end to an intense week of news and images than a few tidbits…

-First of all, here we have a compilation of the best stills seen these days, both from Jackie and Planetarium, in our gallery section and with HD quality. Click on the images below to see them:



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