Thor: The Dark World

Loki And Jane

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  Actors interviewing actors can be a lot of fun, like when Natalie was interviewed by Hugo Weaving (and vice versa) for V For Vendetta, or when she was joined…

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New Thor Poster

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  A new Thor: The Dark World poster has landed and...err...I feel like we've interrupted an intimate back alley moment and now Thor is going to pummel us for it.…

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Gallery Updates

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  I've updated the gallery with a new photo of Natalie posing with her Thor: The Dark World costars, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston, for People's Photo Booth at the…

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  News has been light on the ground recently, so it's great to find a new interview for Thor: The Dark World. The question order seems really strange and it…

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Thor Posters

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  Unfortunately neither of those two Thor The Dark World character posters include Natalie, but I know how many Tom Hiddleston fans there are among you so...

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  Hope you guys are enjoying your weekends. If not, maybe these two tidbits will turn things around. - First up, Lightscamerareaction noticed that the first release date for Knight…

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Thor Images

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  Empire Magazine has a bunch of great new Thor: The Dark World images, although there is a distinct lack of Natalie's Jane Foster. The image below is quite stunning,…

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