Thor: The Dark World

The Graham Norton Show Videos

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Natalie’s appearance on yesterday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show is now available for streaming on BBC iPlayer and YouTube. If you live outside of the UK, you will probably not be able to view them without a proxy extension (sorry!). Thanks to Amo and Joe Schmo! UPDATE – The entire episode has been uploaded in four parts on a YouTube channel. Not sure if they’re region blocked or how long they’ll stay up.

NPyall found a shorter clip of Graham looking at Chris Hemsworth and Natalie’s Thor action figures that doesn’t appear to be region blocked after the jump.


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Thor Tidbits

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  Hola I´ve been able to update our Facebook and Twitter pages, but this is my first update on holiday. It´s partly due to not having the time and partly…

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O’ Dowd Date

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Another new still from Thor 2 The Dark World has emerged, From The London Evening Standard.

This time it shows Natalie’s character Jane Foster on a date with Chris O Dowd’s character Richard.


Wonder what Thor will make of this 😉

EDIT 2 more pics has surfaced check one with just Natalie. Check them out below, Thanks to Belerofonte.


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Even More Thor

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  This tweet promises more Thor goodies, did anyone see this on ET Canada last night? Tonight an inside look at the new Thor with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman—…

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