Thor Tidbits


I´ve been able to update our Facebook and Twitter pages, but this is my first update on holiday. It´s partly due to not having the time and partly down to the annoyance of fighting with an OS and keyboard for Spanish users.

I have a bit of time so here are a few mini Thor news items.

– Thor: The Dark World is tracking better than the first film. THR is reporting that the film could land around $10 million over the first films opening weekend haul of $65 million.

– Marvel have released 15 minutes of behind the scenes footage from the film. I haven´t been able to watch it all yet to determine how much Natalie there is, but I think a spoiler warning is appropriate.

– Actually scratch that, Kitten has found a video just comprising of the Natalie parts.

Thanks to Mariel, Anqxxx and Andre.